Follow up from Town Hall Meeting on March 26th, 2018

Dear Friend,                                                                                                                                                                                                         B”h

We wanted to take a moment, first and foremost, to thank you for coming out Monday night to share in the discussion about PTI’s future. The strong sentiment of the value of Torah-true education resonated strongly with everyone and it is the primary reason that we never want to leave Vancouver. May Hashem see the passion, commitment, and dedication on behalf of the community and allow our efforts to be successful.

We would like to summarize where things stand. We have reviewed all of the ideas presented and see the potential for long-term success upon their implementation. From forming a comprehensive marketing plan, including greater web presence, to opening new streams for recruitment of both students and families.  As well, analyzing innovative educational options and working collaboratively with all of the local schools, families, and rabbis are excellent suggestions and with successful implementation should yield positive results over the long term. Fortunately, many members of our community have generously offered their help to facilitate these ideas and form a task force for this purpose. This gives great hope for the long-term picture.

While working on the above-mentioned ideas and allowing them to take root and gain traction, it is our estimation that we will still have a short-term problem of creating meaningful class sizes over the next number of years. The most promising idea appears to be creating merit-based scholarships for out of town students to attract quality students to our yeshiva. This, coupled with improved marketing in our region and throughout the Americas, as well as developing attractive programming, should enable us to maintain the critical mass needed to remain successful in Vancouver. We are confident that with Hashem’s help in the implementation of the great suggestions at Monday’s meeting and raising the substantial funds needed to embark upon this scholarship campaign, PTI will be poised for even greater success.

We will be meeting with our lead supporters immediately after Pesach to discuss this project and will keep you all informed of the progress.

Again, we thank you for joining us at the meeting and wish everyone a Chag Kasher V’sameach.


Roshei Yeshiva:

Rabbi Noam Abramchik

Rabbi Aaron Kamin