Dorm Life

dorm lifeThe dormitory is an essential component of our program, and we ensure that our students have a happy, safe and positive experience. Our in-house chef serves three wholesome meals each day, and there is always a selection of healthy snacks available for our students. We understand that some students have unique dietary needs, and our chef works with them to ensure that these needs are being met.

Safety and security are of primary importance, and our students are supervised by rabbeim as well as dedicated dorm counselors. In addition, students are required to “check-out” with a rebbi before leaving the dorm.

Our dormitory houses both high school and Beis Medrash students. This fosters camaraderie, positive interaction, and good will. Dorm students enjoy a plethora of extracurricular activities, sports and special events. In addition, students have the opportunity to spend time at the homes of their rebbeim and other community members on Shabbos, Motsei Shabbos, and for special occasions.