Beis Medrash


The Beis Medrash program at PTI offers Talmidim the opportunity to grow in their Torah knowledge and understanding, deepen their connection to ruchniyus and develop their middos and character. Under the guidance of our Roshei Yeshiva, Rabbi Aaron Kamin and Rabbi Noam Abramchik, the Beis Medrash program has developed a reputation for imbuing in their students a true love of Torah. At PTI, all of our Rabbeim are involved in the Beis Medrash program. Our Talmidim are able to form a strong kesher with a Rebbe, and the small size of our program allows Talmidim to receive personal attention and guidance.

Iyun and Bekiyus

Our Mesorah places a strong emphasis on learning Iyun. Consequently, the first half of the day is devoted to developing this important skill. Rebbeim are available during morning seder to assist Talmidim in learning, with a special focus on establishing proper reading and analytical skills. The goal of our morning seder is to attain a firm and deep understanding of the Mareh Makomos so they can be explored further through the context of Shiur. Our program offers three levels of Iyun Shiurim, where Talmidim are further challenged under the guidance of the Rebbe. Talmidim have ample opportunities to ask questions and offer answers in a responsive and encouraging setting.



Consistent Limud HaMussar is essential to one’s growth as a Ben Torah. Therefore, our Beis Medrash program has daily Mussar Sedarim and a weekly Mussar group, where our Talmidim can master the classic Mussar Sefarim. Rebbeim are also available during this Seder for one-on-one learning and to answers any questions Talmidim might have. Additionally, our Yeshiva has two Mussar Shmuezzin a week, on Wednesday and before Maariv on Motzaei Shabbos.

Outside of Seder

Throughout the day, the Talmidim interact with Rabbeim, seeking their guidance, deepening their understanding of Torah hashkafos, and creating meaningful relationships. Vaadim are held at a different Rebbe’s house every week, and during the winter, Motzei Shabbos Shiurim cover a wide range of topics. There are ample opportunities for Talmidim to interact with Rabbeim in various settings, including Shabbos meals at a Rebbe’s house and frequent Onegs.

Due to our smaller size and shared facilities, the Beis Medrash Talmidim have constant interaction with the High School, and serve as “big brothers” and role models to our high school students in both formal and informal settings. This helps our Talmidim develop leadership skills. Our Beis Medrash Talmidim form strong friendships with the high school students and offer them support and guidance.

At PTI, our Talmidim are not only students, but are vital to the functioning of our Yeshiva. Talmidim take on various responsibilities, including organizing trips and Shabbatonim and preparing for Onegs and Shabbos meals. These unique experiences impart a strong sense of responsibility on a Talmud, as he is able to see the result of his hard work and therefore, he can truly feel part of the Yeshiva.





Summer Zman

The Beis Medrash Program includes the very popular Summer Zman Program. During this three-week period, Talmidim have the opportunity to prepare their own Chiddushim in Gemara and present them at the end of the Zman. Alongside the serious learning, there are weekly trips. Activities include white-water rafting, camping and hikes, accompanied by barbecues and after-seder sports. Owing to the smaller group, Summer Zman is especially conducive for creating friendships and building kesharim with Rabbeim.