Limudei Kodesh

At PTI, our Limudei Kodesh Program is designed to foster a well-rounded Ben Torah. 

Serious Learning

The main focus of our Limudei Kodesh program is developing a proficiency in the reading and understanding of Gemara. Our Shiurim are based on skill level, so each student can be accommodated in the proper setting. In order to ensure that Shiur time is maximized, Talmidim have the opportunity to participate in hachana/preparation sessions as well as post-Shiur review classes. We strive to develop the proper analytical skills, which, aside from helping students gain a deeper understanding of the Gemara, are transferable to other areas of Torah as well. At the same time, our curriculum includes Bekiyus Shiurim, to facilitate a broader knowledge of Gemara.

Concurrently, our students also attend Chumash classes. Primary focus is given to building reading skills, in order to understand the Pesukim, Tagum and the Meforshim. With these skills, our Talmidim will capable of not only comprehending the various texts, but they will also be proficient in developing Chiddushim and appreciating the underlying messages of the Torah.

A broad knowledge of Halacha is necessary to live as Ben Torah. Our Yeshiva’s curriculum includes Halacha classes, where students will learn a range of practical Halachos, including the Laws of Shabbos and Tefilah, in a setting that allows for questions and discussion.

Mussar and Hashkafah

At PTI, we are guided by the principle that building Middos and a proper grounding in Torah Hashkafah are vital to growth as a Ben Torah. We recognize that in order for a person to flourish, they must constantly evaluate their actions and mindset. At PTI, our Rabbeim strive to instill this desire for Mussar and personal introspection into every Talmid. Our curriculum includes Mussar Sedorim, Shmuezzin and group Hashkafah sessions, where our students can explore the wisdom of both the classic Mussar Seforim and of their contemporary Rabbeim. Owing to our smaller class sizes, we are able to work with each student individually, allowing him to forge their own path in Torah and develop relationships with our Rabbeim.

Becoming a Mentsch

Being active in the Jewish Community is an integral ingredient of a Ben Torah. At PTI, our curriculum extends beyond the classroom, and we aim to engender a sense of responsibility and dedication towards Klal Yisroel. Our students are involved in various activities including visiting the sick and the elderly, outreach Shabbatonim and community events.


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