General Studies

Our General studies Program, under the dedicated leadership of Mr. Colin Cameron, is an intensive academic program that is fully accredited by the B.C. Ministry of Education.


PTI is fortunate to have a faculty of dedicated teachers, who skillfully help students develop the knowledge and skills required by B.C.’s high school graduation program. Our classroom learning is enhanced through unique cross-curriculum programs and academic activities, independent and group research, oral presentations and the annual Jewish Federation Debates.


Understanding, Doing and Knowing

Our General Studies Program provides students with all requirements to graduate from a British Columbia high school with a Dogwood Certificate, BC’s internationally recognized high school diploma. Upon graduation, students are eligible to apply to any post-secondary institution in North America. As with all British Columbia high schools, our General Studies teachers use the BC curriculum guides and textbooks. Our teachers offer challenging and individualized instruction that caters to each boy’s learning needs and interests. The British Columbia curriculum strives to be at the forefront of education. The signature of the recently revised curriculum is focus on understanding and doing, as well as knowing. These are the focus of the curricular competencies. There is also a determined focus on core competencies: communicating, thinking, and personal and social. The core competencies integrate personal assessment as a key component of being an effective citizen.

Reporting for the revised curriculum will focus on these competencies, and will be more frequent and qualitative in nature. Letter grades will not be the norm, but will be continue to be available.


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