activitiesExtracurricular activities are a great way to enhance the academic experience. Mock elections, debate programs and special trips extend students’ education way beyond the classroom! In addition, our faculty runs a series of Curriculum- Plus Days throughout the year. This creates opportunities to experience hands-on learning in the real world, and adds a new dimension to their studies. Each year we take the students on two major overnight trips, filled with ruach, camaraderie, great food and lots of fun. In addition, we have a biannual ski trip, and a number of beautiful hikes.

We offer intra-school sports every week, with tournaments and competitions throughout the year. Our students are all given membership to the JCC, and enjoy playing in the gym, working out and and joining mens’ swim. “Healthy body, healthy mind” is something that we take very seriously at PTI!

The PTI experience extends to the weekends as well. Shabbos together with the rabbeim, is always the highlight of the week. Each Motzei Shabbos, our students enjoy a special activity such as bowling, curling, basketball, hockey, games-night, melave malka, etc. On Sunday afternoons, we run activities or barbeques organized by one of the rebbeim. These activities are healthy and safe outlets that compliment our academic program.